Printed Publications


My photographic work appears in the following printed publications:

  • Beautiful Israel In The Green, Plants and Flowers in Israel, The Council for a Beatiful Israel, 2013
  • Régis Debray, Jeunesse du sacré, Éditions Gallimard, 2012
  • Midwifery News Magazine cover page, volume 10 No 4 Summer 2010, Australia
  • Tibet Charity Magazine cover page, issue 44 December 2009, Denmark
  • Arieh Kaplan, Meditation and Kabbalah book cover, Argaman Publishing, Jerusalem 2009
  • The editors of Eretz Magazine, Hiking in Israel: 36 of Israel's Best Hiking Routes, Toby travel Guides to Israel, 2008 (English & Hebrew Editions, including the cover pages)
  • Tourism products by Shalom Advertising, (Placemats: the Dead Sea, Flowers of Israel, Masada and more), 1997-2009 (English and Hebrew)
  • Yarok Magazine issues, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, 2007-2009; including a background photo, October-November 2009; and a cover page, August-September 2007 (Hebrew
  • Eretz Magazine issues, 1997-2007 (English and Hebrew); including a cover page, Hebrew issue no 111, September-October 2007
  • Masa Acher Magazine printed issues, 2000-2007 (Hebrew)
  • Keren Kayemet LeIsrael promotional products, 1997-2007 (Hebrew)
  • An item in Precisely Now section, This Week Tips by Asi Fridman, Laisha issue no 3146, July 30, 2007 (Hebrew)
  • Seffi Ben Joseph, Trees, Gods and Lizards, Yedioth Publishing, 2006 (Hebrew)
  • Seffi Ben Joseph, Longing for a Distant Beloved, Keter Publishing House, 2002 (Hebrew)
  • The New Israel Guide (15 volumes), Keter Publishing House and The Ministry of Defense Publishing House, 2001 (Hebrew)
  • Efrat Nakash, As an Eagle Stirs Up Her Nest, Eretz Magazine issue no 77, July-August 2001
  • Exposure, including the cover page, Masa Acher Library, 2000
  • Lowepro Catalogue cover page, 1988

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Arieh Kaplan, Meditation and Kabbalah, Argaman Publishing, Jerusalem 2009

As an Eagle Stirs Up Her Nest

Writing and photography by Efrat Nakash
Published in Eretz Magazine issue no 77, July-August 2001

The world looks very different from Yossi's metal "Butterfly".

From an altitude of 500 feet, earth looks like a child's play toy. Up here in the sky, the most exciting thing to do is "buzzes" diving downward in your ultra-light aircraft for just a moment before ascending sharply again towards the firmament.

But there are creatures down there on the ground who don't really enjoy the acrobatics. Winged creatures at that. They are Israel's 130 or so eagles which are brooding right now over newly-laid eggs in nesting grounds such as the Negev desert's Ein Avdat Nature Reserve.

"A male and female pair of eagles raise just one eaglet a year", says Raviv Shapira, the depudy director of the southern district of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA). "A noisy plane that crosses low over their heads while they are in their nest, scares the birds and prompts them to flee, leaving the frightened eaglet unprotected.

"Sometimes, the eagles are so traumatized by this experience that they even abandon their nest permanently, dooming their offspring to death. And even if they do return to the nest again, it is likely that the experience will be so permanently engraved on their memory, that they won't return to the same nesting ground the following year."

In order to minimize the disturbances caused by pleasure aircraft, the INPA has been working with the Israeli Association of Light Aircraft to spread public awareness vis a vis the eagles' plight. Maps now pinpoint for poilots nesting ground sites to be avoided. And over Israel's recent Shavuot holidays, some pilots even pasted placecards onto their planes with slogans like: "Spread a Wing over the Eagles."

An ultralight aircraft with a pasted placecard is ready to take off, 2001

An ultralight aircraft with a pasted placecard is ready to take off, 2001