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You may invite me to deliver illustrated presentations on my travel experiences around the globe, which I can conduct in English and in Hebrew. Please find details on the Travelogue Presentations page.

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Purchase Photographs

You are invited to procure a license to use my photos in publications, Internet site graphics, or order large prints for exhibitions, hotels, meeting rooms or any other space.

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Order Portraits

Design and graphics:
Graffiti Signs, Moshav Meona

I love people, and photograph them authentically. As a life coach I see their inner beauty, and I photograph their handsomeness.
E.g. management/employee portraits for company websites and presentations, family photographs in a pleasant environment, using natural lighting.

Private Lessons and Photography Workshops

Wish to enhance your skills and turn your photographs into WOW pictures? You are invited to personalized photography lessons and workshops. I adapt the content to your level.

The lessons may include: setup of your camera, emphasis to improve your photos (you may read my Photography Tips), field shooting, image processing basics (you may read my Image Processing Tips), or any other request.

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You are invited to browse the Photo Galleries, Travel Diaries or Photography Tips.

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