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  • Full screen display (F11) removes toolbars.
  • When Returning to a page you have visited before, refresh to use the most updated copy.
  • When the display is jammed, Pressing Ctrl/F5 updates also the format (style).
  • Pressing Ctrl while using the mouse wheel, will increase and decrease webpage font size. Alternatively, Ctrl/+ will increase font size, and Ctrl/- will decrease font size.
  • Pressing Ctrl/Home jumps to top of page.
  • Pressing Ctrl/End jumps to top of page.
  • Press Ctrl/f to search text in the page.
  • Check when the page you are reading was updated. To check the last date and time a web page was updated, modified, or changed, copy and paste the folowing JavaScript string into the address bar: "javascript:alert(document.lastModified)" (without the double quotes). After you paste the entire string, check the address line. Maybe you will need to manually type in the prefix "javascript:".

Surfing Performance

  • The best surfing performance is on Saturday morning.
  • Surfing performance is affected by your system response time
    • Keep at least 40% of your disk space free.
    • Clean your disk from unnecessary files (I use the Microsoft system tool "Disk Cleanup").
    • Defragment your disk (I use the Microsoft system tool "Disk Defragmenter").
    • Remove unnecessary installed programs.
    • Clean the system registry (I use CCleaner).
    • Remove unnecessary programs from the system startup.
  • Adding toolbars usually degrade performance, as it initializes background operations.

Website Building

I built this website using stuff I found in the internet. My site is coded using pure CSS, without any table.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • I perform ongoing website promotion activities (e.g. 101 Quick SEO Tips).
  • I built inbound links such as:
    • Linking to relevant pages from other pages on my website.
    • Setting up a blog using Blogger, linked to my website.
    • Submitting my website to search engines and directories; a link from a quality index promotes the site. I do not recommend using free search engine submission services, as your submitted page will get banned by Google.
    • Opening personal pages in social and professional networks, forums and blogs, with links to my website.
    • Adding social networks share buttons to my pages.
    • Publishing articles in different sites, with links to my website; writing talkbacks with links to my site.
  • I added an option of registering to a distribution list, and receive update notifications about new content in my site.

Web Monetizing

Did you find a mistake? Do you have a comment? Your feedback is important, so I can focus on what interests you.

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